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Kumar Kiran is a professionally trained Dancer/Choreographer under the Bollywood Choreographer Akram Shaik.(ABCD and Hyder movie fame).
.He has been trained on modern Contemporary and Chhao dance form.
.Has shared the stage with the famous Dance Company "Nrityarutya"
.Worked in many reputed dance schools accross Bangalore and Pune.
. He was a part of Ashley Lobo workshop in Mumbai.
. His style of Bollywood and Lyrical Hiphop makes him stand out of the queue.
.Currently working as a Creative Director in his own FoxFire Dance Academy and prmoting BollyFit accross Bangalore/Bengaluru.​

Bollywood Dance Class in Marathahalli

Master Shyam  has been associated with the studio from the time of establishment.

His core training is mainly on Popping. He has master the art from the masters.

He is very much friendly with kids also and has a special interest on Beat Boxing.

Currently he is working as a trainer and editor for FoxFire Studio

Raima is a professionally trained hiphop artist. Her skill in waacking is just mind blowing. She has been a part of Reality show In Channel V with her partner Sayantan.

She has been choreographing since last 4 years and has covered many weddings, music videos and shows.

Currently she is working as a Freelance for FoxFire Studio.

Master Sayantan is an amazingly talented HipHoper. He has master control on Breaking, Animation, Dubstep Popping, Krumping and so on.
He has been awarded as best couple dancer with his partner on Channel V 2015.
He has been semifinalist and finalist in National competitions.
Currently working as a freelancer for the FoxFire Studio


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Mahesh: The Man behind our success. The man who has promoted our studio to the every possible extend. Our Promotional head, our business manager Mr. Mahesh.